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Marketing enthusiast & a passionate perfectionist, is how people define Gunjan. He truly believes that good enough is not really enough.

His experience spans over 12 meticulous years in the lead generation world thereby gaining deep understanding of the job. Having covered roles in all possible capacities in his journey, he’s come a long way from starting as a caller to eventually managing the entire business today. Has campaigned for 150+ clients globally and hence is well rooted to the job. A true professional whose passion for MoT- Management of Things (#Self Coined) motivated him to the very top of the game.

Holds an MBA from Symbiosis University where he also was awarded the winner of Annual Business Competition- 2 years in a row. Calls himself a workaholic, rather leadaholic J. If not in office, you will find him either at the gym or riding a horse!


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Rules, laws and taxes is what you have to contact Aashika for. She’s been accountable (literally) for successful steering of financial operations at DemandFluence given the challenges of a dynamic high growth startup. She keeps not only her waist line but also her accounts as lean and well maintained.

Prior to joining DemandFluence Aashika has worked at KC Mehta & Co where she was responsible for several financial audits. Graduated from MS University, she’s a Chartered Accountant.

Besides managing work and finance at DemandFluence Aashika also aspires being nothing less than a Fashionista!


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Neither machines nor process, it’s human which is the most important resource – is the belief which Jeeya attributes most of her success to.

Known for strategic guidance & influential mentoring, her experience stems from several years of strategic workforce management. As DemandFluence continues to grow and scale, Jeeya is the guiding force behind human resource strategy and planning. Hailing from a small town, she’s pragmatic and rooted, helping her bring out the best in people around her.

She’s obtained her education in business administration from Symbosis Pune. Apart from bragging about HRM, dishing out delectable cuisines and canvas painting satisfy the hidden artist in her!