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Boost Your Competitive Edge through B2B Appointment Setting

“The process of B2B lead generation Process in Pune and Marketing Qualified Leads begins with pinpointing the online whereabouts of your target audience," as emphasized by Wayne Davis. This statement is undeniably accurate, and it precisely mirrors our approach. We equip you with the necessary resources to identify and engage your potential leads effectively. In a world where over 90% of consumers base their purchase decisions on the Internet, we consider this an opportunity to secure vital data for your benefit.

Our innovative tool is the first of its own kind to know who’s looking for you on the web! With intent-based leads, we help you meet your target prospects by letting you know who’s searching for the solutions you provide. With account watchdog, we help you know what your target prospects are exactly looking for. If you’re searching for prospects working on a particular technology, our install-based best lead generation services can reveal the list of companies which have already adopted it.

We are one of the dominant demand generation companies in Pune and Mumbai, India. We specialize in providing a broad spectrum of services to boost your business leads such as

B2B appointment setting services

Our sales appointment setting services are targeted to clients whose primary focus is selling "complex" B2B services and/or products.

Inside sales training

We provide expert training to your inside sales team so that the vital skills and competencies are developed in your team to boost your sales.

Demand / Lead generation services India

Especially targeted to new businesses such as start ups, our lead generation / demand generation services provide inbound and outbound marketing actions that create awareness about your service, product, company and industry.

Sales lead generation services

We facilitate your sales team to save time by ensuring that you have the right contacts, and the data pertaining to them are relevant, complete, updated and validated. Our contact discovery services also filters your existing lists, update and add on new contacts using factors like role, function, designation, level and keywords.

List building services

Our team, only after extensive research, aide you in developing a database of accorded people online who would be interested in the kind of services and/or products that your business offers. Hence, by our list building services you get your first and main market where you can hope to achieve huge sales.

We work with only one mission — 100% client satisfaction. In order to achieve it, we provide specialized lead generation services to each of our customers unlike any other B2B lead generation company in Pune and Mumbai who just claim to, but fail to do so. Other B2B lead generation companies, claim to provide a thousand leads, which they provide too. But those leads fail to ripe. With only sales lead generation but no business through them, isn’t going to help you. We at Demand Fluence, are comprehensive and eager to provide you only fruitful quality leads by using expert B2B lead services listed below.

We are a demand generation company in Pune and Mumbai offering services such as appointment setting service, demand generation services India, b2b lead generation and appointment setting services, sales appointment setting services, sales lead generation services, install based lead generation and intent based lead generation services.

Marketing Qualified Leads Made Easy

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Sales Qualified Leads: Your Key to Success

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Account Watchdog

Are you a key account manager? Account farming must be your charter then! Tell us the name of the company and we can reveal the top searches they perform, week over week. Wondering how does it work? Again, we aren’t in the business of sharing...

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  • "I found this team to be extremely focused on work. They were able to open gates in some of the most critical accounts for us. What I liked best was the collaborative approach of work with the client which helped us in understanding their process, allowing us to give feedback and thereby achieving the goal".

    – Senior Vice President, at one of the largest independent provider of software testing and Quality Managed services

  • "We were one of the exhibitors at SIBOS event where Gunjan's team helped us fixed appointments with the right audience which resulted in a couple of big business opportunities. Splendid job right from pre-to-post event support"

    – Senior Marketing Manager at Indian MNC that provides business consulting, information technology, software engineering and outsourcing services.